Thursday, May 31, 2007

First entry

Hello all! This is our blog, notice my future last name in our link? :) That is correct we are getting married on 9/8/07 for those of you that didnt know.
Heres the wedding update:
Everythings expensive!!! ahhh. How do linens cost over $1000 when you are just renting them? I get my dress next week and im very excited to see if i have gained any weight?! Ha no not really im just excited so I can get the veil, jewelry,etc. I did get a Texas Tech garter today...thought it would be cute since we met eachother out there. And the countdown is almost 3 mos. away!
My job is going good, i still love what i do (ICU RN) but its becoming very overwhelming and hard to handle. I dont like not seeing people get well or getting to know patients and them passing. I dont handle all of this very well yet. Anybody have any tips?!
Update on Jake:
He is loving his new job at perot systems and the decision if he is going to be relocated is coming up. :0 Ah im nervous, Im not ready to move anywhere yet. He is exceling in his internship group and I feel like i never see him!
Church is going good, we have a great bfg and now a great small group. I still really want to go on a mission trip soon, so I signed Jake and I up for one to Honduras April 2008! As long as Jake can get off work we will be there next year!