Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The days are closing in

The days are closing in on the wedding...and there is so much left to do! Heres my update on the wedding... Dress is tight, but the bridal pictures are done and turned out good. I will post some when the wedding is over. It rained that day so I had to choose an inside facility instead, still turned out very unique. My shoes killed me, so i must fine some flats for the reception. I had a friend where tennis shoes...always a possibilty :) Bridesmaid dresses came in...I like them alot, they did look a little mustard yellow at first...but they are just that old gold. Still pretty, cant wait to see the girls in them! I went to get a veil today and the lady was so great and so nice...since she knows my mom, she gave us the veil for free!! Can you believe it, she made our day :) Our original minister had to back out due to medical issues, so we ended up using our pastor from church, Jeff Warren. And he is absolutley fabulous, im glad it worked out. Jake is going to go to Texoma for a weekend for his bachelor party in August. Im sure they will have a great time. For my bachlorette party...we're not so sure on the plans but we will for sure make it fun!haha. I am so pumped about our rehearsal dinner, almost as much for the wedding. Its going to be at my stepdad's backyard (1acre, huge pool) and its a luau theme. I just got my dress for that and we are going to have so much fun. We will be roasting pig and such...haha jk. But there will be an awsome slideshow :) My mom, as our gift for the wedding, hired a videographer. Isnt that awsome?! Thats something we cut out of our budget b/c we couldnt afford it and i still really wanted that memory to look back on. Not just in pictures, but to actually see us and our friends and family. Very cool!
Jake and I made a yummy homemade surprise for our out of town guests....its going to be delicious and memorable! Lets see, what else....haha not much else even going on in my life. This is my life. I do tend to wonder, what the heck am i going to do with myself when the wedding is over?! haha should be ineteresting.
About Jake:
He just graduated from the healthcare academy with perot systems. I am very proud. Now his job is clinical coordinator/ project manager for a group called Clintran. It is on the west coast and he will be traveling alot to phoenix, san diego, san francisco and others. At least we didnt have to relocate :)
Here is a couple pictures below from his graduation, the second one is ross perot:

Monday, June 11, 2007

We went to Gal-ves-ton this weekend and we never get away. Jake and I had a great time, both got burnt and definatly didnt want to leave. Here's some pics from the trip:

Last day there, out at the beach.

At Fish and Tails on the seawall.

First day there, posing with pale skin.

Jake attempting to play frisbee.

We had such a good time and my Mom was so great to let us stay at here awesome beach house! Now back to life and wedding planning. I go try on my dress this week and Im pretty excited :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

First entry

Hello all! This is our blog, notice my future last name in our link? :) That is correct we are getting married on 9/8/07 for those of you that didnt know.
Heres the wedding update:
Everythings expensive!!! ahhh. How do linens cost over $1000 when you are just renting them? I get my dress next week and im very excited to see if i have gained any weight?! Ha no not really im just excited so I can get the veil, jewelry,etc. I did get a Texas Tech garter today...thought it would be cute since we met eachother out there. And the countdown is almost 3 mos. away!
My job is going good, i still love what i do (ICU RN) but its becoming very overwhelming and hard to handle. I dont like not seeing people get well or getting to know patients and them passing. I dont handle all of this very well yet. Anybody have any tips?!
Update on Jake:
He is loving his new job at perot systems and the decision if he is going to be relocated is coming up. :0 Ah im nervous, Im not ready to move anywhere yet. He is exceling in his internship group and I feel like i never see him!
Church is going good, we have a great bfg and now a great small group. I still really want to go on a mission trip soon, so I signed Jake and I up for one to Honduras April 2008! As long as Jake can get off work we will be there next year!